The New Answers Book 4 - Edited by Ken Ham (General Editor)
The interpretation of the Bible's account of Creation through the lens of science seems to be a popular thing amongst professing Christians nowadays.  This is a very discouraging state of things, that Christians trust human observations before the Bible's declarations.  That is one reason why this book is so refreshing as the authors hold to God's Word as the starting point and as the 'lens' with which to interpret their scientific observations.   
The interpretation of the Bible's account of Creation through the lens of science seems to be a popular thing amongst professing Christians nowadays.

The New Answers book 4 by Ken Ham(editor) and many others, is full of chapters dealing with questions in regards to 'issues' that may come up in discussions about Creation, and is also great for simply perusing possible answers as to how certain things about Creation week might be explained.  It is a compilation of several essays on various aspects of Creation written by several different people who are biased towards the Bible.  The nice thing is that they do not make having answers to every question imperative, such as the chapters on Starlight.  They make some suggestions as to how starlight could have been visible from earth immediately at Creation but make it clear that we don't have to know how,  faith in what God's Word says is what is important, whether or not we understand it all.  As one of the contributors wrote, "Interpretations of Scripture are Not Scripture….Keep in mind that it is the text that is inspired, not our interpretations of it." 
Keep in mind that this is book 4 in the New Answers series so if you have questions that are not addressed in this volume they may be in the other books in this series.  I have not read the other ones but, based on what this one is like, I believe that I can highly recommend all of them as they seem very biased towards what God says happened at Creation.  I love that type of bias!!!   

 I'll end with an excerpt from the beginning of the book:  "As soon as you surrender the Bible's authority in one area, you 'unlock a door' to do the same thing in other areas.  Once the door of compromise is open, even if ajar just a little, subsequent generation push the door open wider.  Ultimately, this compromise has been a major contributing factor in the loss of biblical authority in our Western world….…If one uses fallible dating methods to reinterpret Genesis (e.g., the days of creation), then one is 'unlocking a door,' so to speak, to teach others that they won't have to take the Bible as written (e.g., Genesis is historical narrative) a the beginning so why should one take it as written elsewhere (e.g., the bodily Resurrection of Christ).  If one has to accept what secular scientists say about the age of the earth, evolution, etc., then why not reinterpret the Resurrection of Christ?  After all, no secular scientist accepts that a human being can be raised from the dead, so maybe the Resurrection should be reinterpreted to mean just 'spiritual resurrection'."


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