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December 1941: 31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World

December 1941 is the kind of history book I enjoy.  The history book I used in high school seemed to be written in a monotone 'voice', if a book can be so written.  It merely spewed out facts.  This book by Craig Shirley is the exact opposite.  It is very lively, and brings you into the time period.   Each chapter is a day in December 1941, with newspaper headlines  of the day under each chapter title.  Instead of leaving you an observer, it gives you the impression of these past day by day events as being present day by day events. You get to know what the people of that 'fateful' month knew day by day, their culture, popular movies, books, events; Their attitude towards the war in Europe before and After Pearl Harbor.  You will hear of the panic and anger the was roused when people heard of the attack.  Some people didn't even know that Pearl Harbor was in Hawaii, some thought it was in North America.  There were also people who thought the attack was a hoax