Thursday, March 10, 2016

Basic Church HIstory Time Line Pamphlet- Rose Publishing

I have seen a couple of timelines before, one showing Jewish history/significant persons and the other world history/significant persons, but I don't recall ever seeing a church history timeline.  This is a basic church history timeline with markers telling of key events, Bible development, key persons and church councils.  Included are some markers of certain heretical groups coming into being (like Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses…etc.). 

Basic Church History Time Line - PamphletI didn't love the timeline overall, mainly because the arrangement is a bit confusing to me, it is arranged by chunks of centuries (AD 1500, 1600…1900..etc.) and the events are underneath each 'age' but the problem for me is that since the lists of events and people are descending at an angle some of them end up 'in' the section for the next era  when they really aren't' in that era(though they do have a year next to each).  Also, I would have preferred a format like Adam's World history chart one of the features which I really liked about that was that it had colored lines indicating about how long each person lived and showed if their lives overlapped each other (for instance, who of Adam's descendants were probably alive when Adam was still alive), the events of the times were underneath the timeline of the people and it just made it really neat and easier to understand for me.  But I need to keep in mind that this is  just a basic church history timeline, and it probably just isn't my 'style', others would probably have a fine time understanding it.  Oh, and this church history timeline also colors the various markers/symbols to help differentiate between persons, events, councils…etc.  So that's handy. 

 One of the other things I didn't particularly like about this is that it listed some things that didn't seem relevant to me, especially if one is doing a basic timeline,  for instance in the late 1900s the timeline has a marker for when  Pope John Paul II apologized for the Roman Catholic Church's lack of moral leadership during the Holocaust and there is also  a marker for 'Mother' Teresa's death.   I don't understand how those things are relevant to Church History (unless you think that Roman Catholicism is biblical). 

Overall I just thought it could have been better, but some people may really like it. 

Thanks you to the folks at Rose Publishing for sending me a free pdf review copy of this timeline to review! (My review did not have to be favorable)

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