Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NIV Once a day Bible

The NIV Once a Day Bible is a great concept, not only is it chronologically arranged, but it is also divided into 365 daily readings.  Last year our church went through the Bible in a year using a chronological reading plan.  Though it was really neat to be reading it chronologically, it was a bit tiring flipping back and forth to the different texts for each individual day.  Then I started reviewing Bibles that were already chronologically arranged, and that helped a lot.  Some, or all of them, had one year Bible reading plans listed in the back of the Bible; this Bible is neat in that it is already arranged that way so you don't have to flip to the back of the book, you just read until the next 'Day' heading.  It would be nice if they would come out with a hardcover edition as the softcover feels a bit flimsy. 

At the end of each day's readings, there are little reflective paragraphs at the end, talking about what you've just read.  Some are pretty good, others…not so much.  For instance, one of them, speaking of God's planned future mercy to Israel in spite of their sin, the comment is made, "God is still planning and dreaming.  He never gives up."  First, that statement sounds too irreverential(God has 'dreams' not fixed plans?), makes God seem as though He is not sovereign, and finally, almost implies that there is no Hell.  How is that?  Well, the statement, "He never gives up" implies that He will never judge sinners who are not in Christ, but we know from God's Word that He will, and it is His choice when He will do so.  His patience does have an end, the judgment is coming. 

But, aside from some things like the above, this chronological Bible is a great tool to keep yourself in the Word.  Oh, and I want to mention that I appreciate that this chronological arrangement has all of the prophecies of Isaiah before the exile and the return of Israel under Cyrus.  One chronological Bible I reviewed had the prophecies of Cyrus given at the time of Cyrus simply because God had Isaiah state his name in the prophecy, the arrangers seemed to think that God couldn't know what Cyrus's name was before he came on the scene.  I appreciate that the arrangers for this Bible acknowledged God's sovereignty and accuracy in prophecy.

I received a free copy of this book from the BookLook bloggers program in exchange for a review(my review did not have to be favorable)
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