Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reader's Bible NKJV

The Reader's Bible (this one is the NKJV) is designed as a single column, "paragraph style" Bible, with no verse or chapter numbers, just the names of the Books.  This makes it so that you read the Bible more along the lines of how it was originally put together in a codex, which did not have all of the numbered chapter divisions in the books of the Bible that we have today.

This Bible is definitely reader friendly, it is easy to read through without the potential distraction of verse numbers (though they are handy) and it is a unique experience to have the historical narrative filling the whole page as one column rather than as two, more like how a regular book of history book or biography is put together.  You can keep a general track of where you are in any given book by looking at the bottom corners of the pages which tell you which chapter is on the page you are reading.

 The only thing that I don't like is that they kept the chapter breaks (without the numbers, just a bolded letter at the beginning of the section).  Some of the breaks actually seem to break the flow of narrative or thought in the wrong place (This is the same in regularly numbered Bibles).  They stop your eye when your eye should keep going, it sort of makes one's brain think that you are starting to read a new thought rather than continuing the flow or build of thought that you are already on.  This has the potential mess up a person's understanding of a text.  I wish that they had at least placed the chapter breaks more conveniently….though I still think that in many cases they could have been done away with altogether, especially in the epistles of the NT which would then read more like regular letters.

Other than that, I really like this edition.  Also, it is a beautifully bound, elegant looking hardcover.  It is also a Holman Bible, which I have found to be pretty high quality Bibles.

Many thanks to the folks at B&H/Lifeway publishers for sending me a free review copy of this Bible!  My review did not have to be favorable.

One of the places where this Bible may be purchased is at CBD

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