Wednesday, August 5, 2015

'Till We Meet Again

One of the ways I know a book is well written is when it seems too short. 'Till we Meet Again by Ray and Betty Whipps with Craig Borlase is one of those books.  It is a true World War II account of a U.S. soldier (Ray) who ends up wounded and transferred to a place where U.S. Nurse (Betty) works.  Upon meeting they discover their love for each other.  After promising to marry Betty, Ray gets sent out to the battlefield again and gets captured.  But I knew it had a happy ending before I read it because their picture is on the back of the book as an old, happily married couple (of course, you can assume it too because Betty's name is joined with Ray's on the book cover with the same last name as Ray).   

Told from Ray's first-person dramatized view, Betty's perspective is mainly told from her letters scattered throughout the book.  I found their first meeting very…I don't think that amusing is the word…it was very heartening/encouraging.  Betty had noticed the lack of men who were visibly Christians amongst the soldiers she met and cared for in her duties as a nurse. It just became an understood thing with her, that most of the men she took care of were not Christian, actually, it sounds as though she hadn't met a Christian soldier yet.  Then God brought in the injured Ray.  The first day they met Ray had a Bible visibly on him because he had fallen asleep with it the night before.  When Betty saw him, the first words out of her mouth were not, "how are you?" or, "I'm Betty, what is your name?"  Or something like that, rather it was, "Are you a Christian?"  I found her absolute joy at meeting another Christian delightful. Her first attraction to Ray was not his looks or other superficial things but was the fact that he was a Christian.   

I read the book in one day as it was more of a narrative book than a thought provoking one(not that I wasn't thinking while reading it), generally no deep thinking was inspired, it was just more of a high level observation of God's direction of their lives.  Both Ray and Betty seem to have had a God-focused perspective during the trials He had ordained.  It was very interesting to see this part of God's plan for their lives. 

I received a free copy in exchange for this review (my review did not have to be favorable)
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