Monday, December 2, 2013

Chronological Life Application Study Bible

I wouldn't call this Bible uniquely applicable to a person's daily life as the Scripture is always applicable. That is not to say that I don't like this format, I do! I just needed to clarify that I don't quite agree with the title. This is a chronological Bible, interweaving chapters from various books of the Bible in their probable sequential order. This means that some chapters are split up and other parts of other chapters are placed in the gap to stay chronological.  

There are many helpful charts to support the chronological aspect, some of my favorites being the several charts throughout the accounts of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, showing the "Kings To Date and Their Enemies"…I always get a bit confused about them. One of the other things I found very helpful were the little maps throughout, demonstrating where people went and where such and such a town was located. It gives you more comprehension of Biblical geography. There are also several large pictures of what Jerusalem and the Temple looked like in certain eras. Also included throughout are small full-color modern pictures of the various places that are spoken of, such as the Parthenon in Athens, Samaria, and there are also pictures of things as well, such as a millstone, and biblical manuscripts.

The notes are interesting, and even though they are apparently against the complete sovereignty of God, the notes in Romans are still interesting, part of the note on Romans 11:7 reads: "Resisting God is like saying to him, 'Leave me alone!' But because God is always and everywhere present, his answer to that prayer might be to agree and make that person less sensitive, more hardened to him…" I do not like that the writers of the notes do not take a stand on the age of the earth, they give the impression that it is not important for the beginning of the Bible to be literally understood, which can give a wrong impression as to the rest of the Bible. 

I also need to mention that at least one of the pictures is inappropriate(Adam and Eve), you'll want to scribble it out, I have not seen all of the pictures yet so there may be more. I don’t know why they thought that was okay to put in, even if it isn't as bad as it could be it still contradicts Genesis 3 where God gives them clothing(keep in mind that they were also husband and wife), why is it okay for their offspring to depict them in what is now their shame? We still live after the fall, not before it, so why contradict that?  

Anyway, I do like all of the maps and several of the charts and pictures of the locations, it really is interesting to have a visual picture as one reads along. 

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Many thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network from whom I received a free review copy of this Bible.

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